Founded in 2011 and based in Phoenix, Arizona, ThreeMacStudio is a collaboration of sisters — Lisa, Michele, and Lynn — whose connection to art is rooted in family tradition. Elizabeth, our grandmother, was a portrait artist who ran a paper company in the mid-20th century; her sister, Dorothy, was an art history professor, figurative artist and a world traveler. Together, and early in their art careers, they sketched designs for fashion magazines. We are privileged to advance the legacy of the innovative and independent generations who so powerfully influenced our individual integrity and our creative partnership.


Lisa MacCollum has been designing print and exhibition graphics since 1981 spending more than twenty years at the Heard Museum in Phoenix, Arizona. She has a Fine Arts degree from Northern Arizona University and a graduate degree from Thunderbird School of Global Management. Lisa is an accomplished watercolorist with numerous showings of her work. Today, she is principal of LisaMacStudio, a graphic and interpretive design studio, and Periwinkle Design, a fine art publisher. Lisa’s original watercolors and graphics motivated the creation of ThreeMacStudio.


Michele MacCollum Govig has a collective background in print, textiles and art. She is an imaginative artist and gifted seamstress. Michele graduated from the University of Arizona with a degree in Economics and studied Textile Design at Arizona State University. She spent many years in the high-end commercial print industry and remains a prolific student continuously learning new techniques. Michele’s passions include encaustic, oil, and portrait painting, as well as figurative drawing. Her attention to detail and interpretation of art and textile design gives our collections a refreshing and distinct artisan brand.


Lynn MacCollum Welch has spent her career in professional marketing and business development for the construction industry, working closely with the design and engineering community. Lynn graduated from the University of Puget Sound with degrees in Business and Psychology. Her expertise includes finding new strategic opportunities and identifying forward market trends. Lynn deeply respects art and artistic expression and brings her powerful, intuitive design sense to the mix.   Her focused vision, coupled with a discerning eye for detail, shapes the classically elegant ThreeMacStudio aesthetic and subtly guides the artistic process from concept to final creation.